Susan Coey loves guiding people into a new, healthier lifestyle in the simplest ways. Her ideal customers are people who want more energy, to gain muscle and to look and feel healthier. Susan sells products to her customers in both the UK and the USA. She helps her customers who are lacking energy, need to give their bodies nutrition and manage their weight problems. Susan saw her partner lose 56lbs pretty easily in a space of 5 months. Susan said; “ I realised it was down to him trying some healthy fast food, bought online from a company with a huge range of products from sports nutrition to healthy food and even great pain relief gel and a super sleep assistance spray”. This made Susan want to join in and started New You By Susan.

Susan has always enjoyed socialising with people and has always been helping people throughout her whole life. This is a big part of why she loves her job. Another reason Susan enjoys her job is the fact that she has no overheads apart from her mobile phone. She doesn’t have to carry any stock meaning there are no deliveries for her to keep track of. Susan also loves the feedback she receives from her customers due to their great results; “When a girl tells me she has lost 40 pounds and is so happy I realise that I am doing the right thing.”

The only things Susan would change about her job is having more time talking to her customers in person as she believes there is “nothing better than a focused non interrupted hour with a person over a coffee.” When asked what advice she would give to someone starting their own business is to be knowledgeable about the market and potential customers. She also advised to set aside at least 20% of income for tax. Susan also recommends reading the E-Myth by Michael Gerber which is a book about a great baker who gets into all sorts of difficulties when she sets up a business.

As a Mums At Work member, Susan has benefited from the group through making her business known. She has also met hard working and positive people whom she has made a few useful connections. Susan has also recommended products from people in the group to her friends and family as others have done the same for her