Mums at Work Awards Sponsorship


We have 11 fantastic awards to give away to Mums at Work Community members on 30th November 2019 at the Dunadry Hotel.

Mums at Work is a community of over 3000 members and our ethos is to bring business women and entrepreneurs together, to support each other, build relationships and encourage referrals and recommendations.

Our Group exists online and offline. We have a community group on Facebook and weekly coffee mornings in all counties of Northern Ireland. We aim to reach each county in Northern Ireland 6 times a year so that business women who work from home can have the opportunity to come out and meet others in their area. We are unique as the only female only networking group in Northern Ireland. Our event hosts and speakers are female, our exhibitors are female, our group facilitators are female and our members are all female.

We are massive believers in third party referrals and recommendations. We provide assistance in sales and social media as well as asking our members to contribute advice from their own field to others. Having a diverse range of business women in our group means there is never a question that goes unanswered.

We have a Facebook following of over 4000, a subscribers list of over 4000 women and an Instagram following of over 6000 people.

We are inviting you to become a Mums at Work Award Sponsor and with it we are offering:

  • Recognition for supporting excellence in female-owned businesses.
  • Pre / Post event promotion via widespread media coverage.
  • Present the award to your chosen category
  • Company profile on the website – sponsor page including logo and a link to your website.
  • Your company logo on-screen as winners announced.
  • Your leaflets / promotional items in goody bags given out at the event
  • A table at promotion events to display literature plus banner space at all events.
  • Company special offer email to list of entrants.
  • 2 Tickets to our 4 course Xmas dinner on the night (details here)


Female entrepreneurship is increasing; it is one of the main back bones of our economy. Many women turn to self employment to juggle the needs of a family with self fulfillment and the requirement to earn a salary.

This is a great way to reach a group of female business owners that you may find harder to reach with your traditional marketing activities. Celebrate the amazing achievements of business women and to be part of truly recognising and rewarding their success.

 Our sponsors are part of that success and we include all sponsors in our events.You will receive promotion at every stage and the opportunity to meet with successful business women and share your company with them.. All awards sponsors are given Mums at Work Partnership status at no extra cost.

Here is what is included with partnership sponsorship:

  • Five female members of your company / team are invited to join our VIP members club and add their details to our Mums at Work recommended supplier directory.
  • Your company details will be featured on our blog on our website and shared on all our social media channels.
  • You will be given first refusal on all exhibitor stands at our events at no additional costs.
  • You will also be able to invite our members to your events, host and exclusive event for them in your own premises or be invited to guest speak at our events.
  • Your business offers / news / events /products / services will be sent to our members and subscribers monthly via mailshot.

The cost of Mums at Work Partnership Membership is £200 but your get a year free when you take part in our Awards Sponsorship.

The cost of the Sponsorship is £250 and includes 2 tickets to our 4 Course awards dinner, followed by entertainment.

You can sponsor an individual award, the drinks reception, the entertainment, or the programme.

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