This is a story about 2 fabulously talented and driven business women

Catherine Martin is the owner of Women Gone Strong, a fitness coach whose passion is to teach women how to use a barbell in a fun environment, to teach them to change their mindset and build on their self image and her slogan is “I will and I can.”

Catherine Martin, Mums at Work VIP member, founder and owner of Women Gone Strong.
Catherine Martin

Catherine joined the Mums at Work VIP Club and has attended a few events and been sharing the news and updates about her business and all the fantastic classes she has been running online and in person, in groups and in 1:1s. It has been fantastic to watch her help and empower women, and assist with their mindset and the way they feel, as well as their fitness and the way they look.

As her business has grown, she realized the need for group work wear and branded active wear for her community of women and rather than buy all in and try to sell it, she decided to enroll the help and assistance of fellow Mums at Work VIP Club Member, Marie Walker, owner of MyClubStuff who is a specialist in branded work wear and online shops. Marie has created a few online shops and helped lots of Mums at Work members with branded merchandise, flyers and banner stands and is responsible for the Mums at Work Shop.

So now Catherine can concentrate on building her fantastic tribe, her fitness classes and programs and Marie can work in the background, looking after the eCommerce and merchandise. Essentially this is what both of them love, and so it’s a win-win situation.

Both women have a lot in common; they both love to help other people by doing what they love. That is why Mums at Work is so successful – when women share skills and resources and advice and support, they can help each other succeed.

We can’t be all things all the time, but when club members come together, they have formed a relationship, a trust, and can talk to each other in the same language – without the jargon but with the same goals and outlook.

This might be a story about 2 fabulous driven business women, but these two are only some of many who have connected through the Mums at Work VIP Membership. Every day connections are being made, advice is being given, support has been offered. Through online networking and our events, issues are being raised, solutions are being offered. Our Members are helping each other to help each other towards their goals.

Knowledge is power. You don’t know what you don’t know until you need it.

Be like Catherine and Marie and recognize each others skill set and employ it to save time, money and effort.

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