Introducing Mums at Work Club Member Lynne McBennett from Lily Rose Floral Designs - This is her story of how she started her business.

Introducing Mums at Work Club Member Lynne McBennett from Lily Rose Floral Designs

Lynne McBennett - Lily Rose Floral Design, a member of Mums at Work

“My name is Lynne and I’m mum to 4 children – James 11, Lily 9, Matthew 8 and Luke 6.

My background is in sales and marketing spending my early career in Coca Cola followed by Yellow Pages. I took redundancy from Yell in 2014. Following a couple of months off I got a job with Greer Publication managing the Ulster Grocer magazine (maternity cover) and then I took a full time position with U105 looking after sales in the greater Belfast, County Down, Armagh & Antrim area. Following 9months with U105 my health started to suffer – working full time with 4 young children and a husband working in Dublin proved too much.I got the big full time job – but the cost on my health was a high price to pay, I left after 9 months for a variety of reasons – health was the main one – more on that another time!

Since then I worked in a variety of consultancy roles with a printing company, pharmacy etc and when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last April I decided that I would do something for myself – I had no childcare and had trained in floristry years before so decided to take the bull by the horns and set up Lily Rose Floral Designs. I love flowers and find them as my therapy so it’s a win win and can work it around the children.

Your health is your wealth I am acutely of that and sometimes when I find myself under pressure I gotta remember that – I have 4 happy healthy kids and keeping myself right for them is crucial and thankfully my business gives me the opportunity to do that.

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