All about our Member Carrie-Anne Hunter and her business, the Koala Bear Lady
Carrie Anne Hunter, The Koala Bear Lady

I asked Carrie-Anne to tell me a little about herself and she said,

“I was born and raised in the suburbs of Melbourne in Australia to an Irish Dad and an Aussie Mum. In 1994 I came over to visit Dad’s side of the family for a working holiday and I’m still here! “

Carrie- Anne is married to Co. Tyrone man David since 2002 with two daughters, Laura and Leanna. Her background is mostly in office work and retail.

I asked Carrie -Anne how did she become The Koala Bear Lady and she told me, “In 2018 I studied Social Media Management with Digital Mums and am now self-employed as The Koala Bear Lady, advising small business people just like myself how to use their social media platforms for free in the best possible way for the good of their business.”

I asked Carrie-Anne what is the main problem that she solves for her customers and she explained, “My customers are concerned about the costs of Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising on top of many other business costs and I work with them on a one-off or short term basis to avoid these unnecessary charges.”

Carrie-Anne’s skills also means that she can help create social media posts, perform digital audits, edit and proofread blogs and articles and advise on customer service and marketing. 

Carrie-Anne is an active and valuable member of the Mums at Work Club, and has been hired by at least 20 members to help them with all things social media and marketing, as well as blogging and proof-reading. 

She has been a great asset to Mums at Work too helping with content and proof-reading and I personally would recommend her to any other member.

If you think this is an area that you need help and assistance with, you can contact Carrie-Anne 

Carrie-Anne Hunter
The Koala Bear Lady
Tel: 07588575824