If you are spending money on Facebook adverts but aren’t getting results and don’t understand the advert manager on Facebook, then I would advise you to stop and take advantage of the Free 20 minute Facebook Marketing Call from their experts.

If you see this then just go for it! 

A lady on the Mums at Work Networking Group recommended it 2 weeks ago and it took that length of time for me to get 20 minutes to concentrate on it.

Actually, I could have done it earlier (and wish I had) but taking one look at the Advert Manager put me off as it looks so complicated and complex. 

What could be sillier than wasting money on something I didn’t understand and which clearly isn’t working? 

20 minutes after the Facebook call, I knew how to communicate my ads to a custom audience (those who had already engaged with my page or my instagram) or a lookalike audience (people who hadn’t found the page already but who had the same interests as those who had) 

The Lookalike audience really interested me. If all my followers and fans already followed and already had joined up, then running ads (and boosting posts) in some cases might be a waste of time. 

If you are looking for new customers, then having an ad for FACEBOOK to find the new customers for you is certainly a feature I wasn’t fully aware of. In fact, I probably thought it was already part of the advert. 

Not only that but Facebook permits you to target ads to those who attended events, interacted with your page, messaged your page and your Instagram AND all the lookalike audiences for these. 

Ten minutes after the call, I got the email with the information, because yes, it is a lot of information. 

So no more boosting posts, or creating an advert without first creating the audience it is being directed at… Sort of sounds like common sense? 

Spending money on ads that you don’t know the audience for is a waste of time and money and yes I am guilty of it too.

It also compounds why like and share competitions are not approved by Facebook – they consider it to be spam and invaluable on their users platforms. 

Spam is being cut back on Facebook

To be successful, we have to try and identify who are ideal customers are and what they want from us and to make this easily accessible to them with clear guidelines. 

Having recommendations like this is one of the reasons I love the Mums at Work Networking Group. Not only do the VIP members recommend and refer each other, do we connect at events, we help and support each other, learning new things every week 

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