Tip no. 1: Getting out of bed earlier than your children.
Whether it is three hours or half an hour, doing this will improve your day in many ways. Firstly, you get time to yourself which is always helpful as it allows you to start the day relaxed with a clear mind. This time can be spent getting things done, whether this is having a cup of coffee in piece or doing work. Waking up before your kids makes you a better mum. Starting the day like this is better than being woken up and “having to hit the ground running.”

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Tip no. 2: 5 Plastic drawers with uniforms for each day.
This tip is a great way to keep your kids organised every morning. The drawers will have a fresh set of uniform for when your kids come home after a day playing in the sand or using paint. By doing this you won’t have to worry about trying to have their uniform washed and dried for the next day. Also great for storing the work you take home from work.. You know the stuff I mean that’s scattered all over the kitchen table? 


Tip no. 3: Leaving out plates and bowls for the morning.
Do you ever wake up in the morning to the sound of plates clattering or possibly smashing from your children downstairs? It has all happened to us at least once and we have all learned from it. Not only does leaving plates and bowls out for the morning prevent this, but it also saves time for you and your kids. It reminds your kids to eat breakfast before starting to watch TV while waiting to leave. The morning becomes more organised and gets your kids into healthy routine.


Tip no.4: Making a list the night before.

The Ivy Lee Method is used by many, not just mums. If you are unaware of it, the method is to: “Finish each day by writing the 5 most important things you want to get done tomorrow and start each day by working those 5 things. You can also schedule those 5 things on your calendar. It doesn’t matter as long as those 5 things get done.”
If you give yourself a basic list for your day, you will become more productive and feel like you have accomplished something each day. Also, by creating this list it will prevent you from staying up all night overthinking things you need to do or forgot to do. If you want to be efficient in all parts of your day, you can create multiple lists; one for work, home, kids and of course yourself. By knowing what you have ahead of you will create a motivated mind-set for the next day. Although it is best to set realistic lists that you can do. By creating a long list and not getting them done can have a negative impact as you may feel you are not being as productive as you want.


Tip no.5: Loading washing machine before bed every night.
The worst thing to wake up to is your kids’ uniforms, your own or your partners work clothes being dirty for the day ahead. The simple task of remembering to put on a wash can be easy to forget with everything else going on throughout the day. By doing it the night before, every night it will be unlikely for this to happen again.



Tip no.6: Getting yourself ready before everyone else.
Whether this be in the morning or before going out later in the day, being ready first allows you to get everyone else ready without the stress of worrying about yourself. If you plan your time correctly, you should be able to take your time to fully ‘pamper’ yourself and you are less likely to forget anything. Also, by doing this, you set a good example for your kids because they might do this as they get older after seeing the benefits from you. Being ready first will allow you to help get everyone else ready and make sure they don’t forget anything, making this a stress-free time for everyone. The less stressed you are, the less stressed your kids will be and the easier it will be to get everyone to be ready on time.

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Tip no.7: Delegation household/work jobs that never get done.
Having jobs pile up at home or at work (quite literally!) can not only be annoying but can also create unneeded stress. At home the easiest way to make sure these jobs are no longer neglected is to assign them to everyone. One way I have found helpful is leaving a list on a Saturday for my children on chores that they can easily do and will help me. Not only does this help me but it gets them to respect what they own and get them into a routine. At work this can become more complicated as some jobs are done best by you only and so it is up to you to find time to try fit them in. Whereas others can be done by employees. Creating a set day to try and get as many as these jobs done as possible with your team is a great way to tackle this problem.



Tip no.8: Batch cooking.
This will save time for you as it can be hard to find time to cook after a long day at work. Also, sometimes after that long day, you can be tempted to get a take-away because of being too tired or not having time to cook a meal. This is a struggle we all experience so we shouldn’t feel guilty about doing this. When you start batch cooking if you don’t already, you will realise how much time, money and worry you will save. A first step to doing this is by planning out your meals. From there you will make a grocery list of everything you need. After this all you have to do is batch cook and prep and then reheat and put the finishing touches on the meal the day you have it.



Tip no.9: Online grocery shopping.
Using this service saves a lot of time as you can easily choose what groceries you without having to run around the store, and you have easy access to your kitchen to see what you need so you won’t forget anything. Another good thing about this is that you can choose what day and time you can get it delivered. This is useful as you can plan it around your work hours. Also for mums who don’t drive this is another good reason to use this.


Tip no.10: Phone reminders for appointments and tasks.
This tip is used by most people, even if you don’t have they don’t have their own business. A lot of people bring their phones with them everywhere. So by using the reminders for appointments and tasks it is simple and easy, it is also likely that you will be able to sync them with your other devices like your laptop or tablet so you will be able to access them from anywhere.



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