Mum of one Monika moved to Northern Ireland from Czestochowa in Poland in 2006. Her son Filip is in secondary school and outside of work and family life, Monika devotes her time to endorsing and building her business the premium hair care range, Monat.
Monika had experienced problems with hair loss and was so amazed by Monat’s targeted results that she joined the company as soon as they arrived in the UK in February 2018.
She advocates marrying your skills with your passions as a working mother and keep learning while you work. Monika loves exercise, particularly spinning and even trained as a Spinning Instructor!
Monika says, “My goal is to move with time and do Monat full-time. At the moment, I’m doing it part time while I work. My mission is to help people have hair they will love, fulfilling lives through our exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service and gratitude. I want to help people everywhere while also securing my family future and have permanent financial freedom.”
Monika spends every spare minute with her family and loves to treat them by cooking them a big Sunday lunch! She also relaxes by reading, her favourite author is Paul Coelho.
Instagram: @sunmoniczka
Facebook:  Monika Chrzastek / makeupbymonika
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