Devon Manning – Precious Placentas
Devon is well known in pre and post-natal circles around the country for her work encapsulating placentas. Her own story is so interesting, she has been featured by newspapers and magazines all over the UK. She is a Mum of one toddler son named Rex and wife to Heath. They currently live in Lisburn, Co. Down.
Devon has suffered from fibromyalgia and endometriosis for years along with mental ill-health after her father passed away. As a result of same, upon becoming pregnant she was advised that she had a 70% chance of developing post-natal depression. After some research of potential remedies Devon became aware of the health benefits of ingesting your own placenta in the weeks following your baby’s birth. It fascinated her so much she undertook courses and instruction on how to turn placental material into tinctures, essences, capsules and topical skin products like creams and oils. Devon was the first fully certified placental encapsulation specialist in Northern Ireland and is registered with Environmental Health and fully insured to practice.
She has pages on all the social media platforms and a website which provides a lot more information on her business.
Devon admits she doesn’t have much of a social life as her son is still small, but she enjoys watching television and seeing young Rex grow up.
Phone:  07837562848

Website:  A gift from you, to you – Placenta Encapsulation Northern Ireland

Facebook:  _preciousplacentas
Instagram:  precious_placentas
Twitter:  @PlacentasNI
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