Eve Beattie, VA, and mum of 3 boys, based in Magherafelt and her role as a Business Mum


EVE VA (Virtual Assistant)
Originally a Belfast girl, Eve married Pat and moved to Magherafelt where she went on to have 3 boys Daniel, Rory and Eoin and one daughter named Emma. In order to work flexible hours around her children while they’re still in primary school, Eve began self-employment as a Virtual Assistant providing wide-ranging administrative support to businesses. She works on an ad-hoc basis and with other clients on retainer.
If she was to advise anyone on going into business for themselves, she would say to start talking about it to people. It’s only when said out loud you start to see how your dream can become a reality. Eve admits she talked herself out of opening her own business countless times! Her husband’s support and encouragement spurred her on to turn her dream into reality.
Eve shared her top 5 tips for success with us as follows:
1.  Believe in yourself.
2.  Surround yourself with positivity.
3.  Plan, plan, plan.
4.  Make lists.
5.  Celebrate every success.
Eve feels an affinity with her fellow Mums At Work members as she feels they have a lot in common by being working mothers. The inspiration and support other members have provided her with has been a key factor in driving her to achieve her goals.
As a Mum of 4 children under the age of 10, Eve rates enjoying the silence as one of her ways to relax. She likes to switch off once the children are asleep and enjoys reading.
Phone: (028) 7924 0204