Catriona Corrigan, Photographer, Mum of one, tells us how she loves perfection and gives 5 great tips for other Business Mums


Catriona is a Mum of one daughter named Ailis who is nearly 20. Catriona’s background is in banking and financial services however in 2013 she unleashed her creative side onto the world and opened Divine Photography. Catriona’s new photography studio is in Coalisland, where she will continue her portraiture, fine art and wedding photography along with her mentoring and educational sessions.
Catriona would say she is her own worst critic and struggles with her perfectionism in business. She is learning to be kinder to herself and trust her abilities. Being a lone worker can be isolating at times and Catriona has found the camaraderie of the Mums At Work Networking Group a great support.
Apart from the birth of her daughter Ailis she would say that going into business for herself has been her proudest experience, the benefits have outweighed any drawbacks there are.
When she gets some time to herself Catriona keeps active by running, taking brisk walks by the sea and reading.
Catriona recommends anyone considering developing a product or service shouldn’t hesitate to contact their local Business Enterprise Centre for advice. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and use your own abilities to set yourself apart. In time you can help others out and share your expertise via mentorship and networking.
Catriona’s 5 tips for success are:
1.  Be strong.
2.  Be prepared.
3.  Show your true self.
4.  Work hard
5.  Listen to your client.
Phone:  07525900885