Getting Baby to Sleep in the Heat

Temperatures have been at a record high this year and look set to remain high for some time.

Whilst the hotter weather is very much welcomed by most of us, it does bring discomfort and disturbed sleep to many, particularly babies and young children. For parents this can be a challenge and can make for a very exhausting summer!

Lucy Wolfe, founder and principle of Sleep Matters – Help your Child Sleep, a private sleep consulting practice, has some tips on how to keep your baby cool and comfortable during the warmer weather.

1.       Keep sleepwear light

Lucy recommends keeping your baby’s sleepwear as light as possible during the warmer temperatures, be it in their nappy and vest alone. She also suggests using a light-weight sleeping bag or a cotton pillow case – safely folded down – to keep any younger children cool.

2.       Keep the cot light

As highlighted by Lucy, cots can often be lined with unnecessary bedding such as waterproof sheets, that can build up heat and make sleeping uncomfortable. She suggests that a mattress and light sheet may be all that is needed during the warmer weather.

3.       A cool room

It may seem obvious but keeping a window open during the day could air out and make your baby’s room much cooler come night time. Another clever suggestion by Lucy is to pull down any darkening shades to stop the room heating up during the day.

4.       Cool down bath

Lucy recommends a cool bath to regulate your baby or child’s body temperature before bedtime. So long as it is not too cold then this may help to soothe little ones before they settle in for the night.

5.       Avoid sleeping on the go

Allowing a child to sleep on the go could make for a hot and sticky situation, and parents need to be extra vigilant as car seats, prams and buggies tend to heat up quickly. Lucy mentions avoiding any sleep in the car or when out and about as this could prove uncomfortable for any little ones. Her advice is to transport them inside to cooler and safer temperatures where possible.

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