Anna MacAuley - the Savvy Retailer who spoke at our Coleraine "Mums Perfecting Business Event"


Mums Perfecting Business Networking Event

Bustown Hotel Coleraine 27th March 2018

Anna MacAuley –

As Director at The Savvy Retailer on Northern Ireland’s north coast, Anna is a retail expert with more than 30 years’ experience. Dubbed by some as Northern Ireland’s ‘Queen of the Shops’, she is enthusiastic about creating profitable businesses that people love to work in and she has a wealth of experience in hospitality, retail management and leadership.

The Savvy Retailer has been in Business for 2 years and she thoroughly enjoys turning businesses around and seeing them flourish.  What drives her? She is very protective of the high street and it’s importance to the local community.

Annas gave great advice to our mums attending “Mums Perfecting Business”  event in Coleraine

She said that as business owners, it’s very easy to get bogged down in the day to day activities that make your business tick over. The consequences of this are that we can settle into a comfortable regime and ignore the bigger picture.  In order for a bricks and mortar business to remain sustainable, the focus needs to be on Strategic planning and implementation; your customer strategy and business development.

Here are a list of all the things that Anna helps with:
  • Salesfloor standards

  • Stockroom set up

  • Sales & shrink analysis

  • Management processes

  • Profit & loss analysis

  • Leadership

  • Recruitment

  • NI Monitoring

  • Employee development

  • Risk assessments

  • Set KPI’s

  • Customer Service

  • New site visits

  • New store set-up

  • Strategic planning

  • Improve availabilty