angela morgan

Mum of 3 girls, Angela Morgan is originally from Cloughey, on the Ards Peninsula, but now lives in Belfast.

Before Angela opened Ms Morgan’s Beauty Emporium, she had other businesses. She told me,

“The first business I began was in 2003. After working for years in retail as a manager, visual merchandising manager and trainer, my friend and I decided to start a Visual merchandising and window display company. The business lasted for 4 years; we had contracts with HMV, Coke and a few other smaller companies. We went our separate ways as we had both really wanted to be more creative in our rolls and we felt we were really just glorified poster putter uppers.”

After this time she worked in business with her father who is a Clinical Dental Technician, the first in Northern Ireland to be able to make dentures directly to the public without having to go through a dentist. Angela joined the business as a partner to take on the management side of the business, which she till does today, but remotely now. During this time they bought some properties together which she manages as well.

Like many other women, her priorities changed after the birth of her children. This changed her perspective and she told me, “Once I had my children, I became more aware that I needed to work around my children and their school hours, and also, I really wanted to follow my passion to be more creative. Between one circumstance and another, I ended up training in semi-permanent make-up, and absolutely loved it, and through this I have done another eight courses in beauty treatments and absolutely love this new direction I have taken so late on in my career.”

Angela told me, “I really wanted to make my Emporium a reflection of me, I’m not in my 20’s anymore and I feel that a lot of beauty salons aim themselves at that audience. I may be 41, but I still want to look good and feel good, but I definitely don’t want to feel intimidated somewhere that is supposed to make me feel good. So I hope! I have created a space that is free of the stereotypical salon, and I have made an all-inclusive relaxing environment to come and have your treatments in.”

I asked Angela what her biggest struggle in her business life has been and she said,

“I have struggled with many different aspects in business over the years, but I find that the hardest thing for me, is dealing with other people’s negativity. 

I am, by nature a very positive person, and I truly believe that your success is pre-determined by your positivity. When surrounded by like-minded people, it is easier to keep focused and keep your eye on the goal, but when surrounded by negativity, it can become infectious and start to bring you down with it.  I love where I am now, and that I only really run myself, as I can stay in my bubble of positivity all day without it being burst.”

I asked Angela what she does to relax. As she is also a Reiki master, she spends a lot of time meditating and she also runs a meditation collective out of her emporium. She has been meditating for many years now, and believes the benefits are tenfold. She recommends looking up guided meditations on YouTube, pick a 20 minute meditation that you’re drawn to and lie down with your head phones on. She says that once you try it you’ll agree that it will be the best 20 minutes spent in your day.

I asked Angela what advice would she give to someone who wants to develop a product or service in Northern Ireland and she said, “Be passionate. Know your product and love it. Consumers love to hear passion when it’s described to them, they want to feel what you feel inside, and its important to never forget the end-user, the person who you want to love the product as much as you do.  Connect and stay connected.”

Angela says that she is most definitely proud of the births of her 3 daughters, and says, “If it wasn’t for them I would not have the perspective on life that I do now.  Every day is a school day, for them and me, and I am proud to show my girls that I will always be learning and working and improving myself.”

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