Huge Win (7)

As busy working mums, we can get easily overwhelmed so it is great to put in a framework to the week so that we can achieve a more balanced work / home life.

I use google calender to schedule all my tasks but should really try to schedule in the home tasks too so I can stay on track. The reason why this is so important is that there is NEVER going to be any more time in the week, every day will always have 24 hours, so we have to make sure we don’t keep running out of time and running behind.

  1. Establish a ritual for every day. Get those menial and hateful tasks out of the way first
  2. Visualise the bigger picture. Imagine all the things you could do if you had more time.
  3. Write down things that you learned. Lessons like “Ring the customers for this week first instead of emailing them so that I get quicker more instant results.” It’s easier to email but it drags into the week when you are waiting on replies.
  4. Analyse why things went wrong. Why things didn’t happen. Maybe you didn’t pay attention, spend enough time or money on it, left it to the last minute. Make it a priority this week.
  5. Celebrate what went right last week / month. Take credit and confidence for you achievements. Find out why this was successful and take the same steps this week.
  6. Make a list of the outcome you want this week. More time, more money, more customers, less stress, less problems, less hassle.


To achieve your perfect work / life balance you have to assess the needs of the situation. I will use my own work life as an example. In my events set up company, a certain percentage of time is put into:

  1. Planning
  2. Implementing
  3. Billings

But I am also mum to 7 children.

So all the planning jobs have to be done precisely. That means confirming orders, prepapring the stock, vans and staff, liasing with venues and cleaning the items for use. Without this, my job is chaos. It is also the least profitable part – ironing napkins is tedious and the profit margin is dissportionate to the hire charge. So I aim to do all this in one day. What cannot be done in one day is allocated to one hour on the rest of the days. I team this up with doing the invoices and billing one hour a day. I hate it, but it have to get it done. I allocate one more evening for appointments. That is a total of 2 full days a week. Social media management is one more half day.

Implementing the orders takes more time but now the preparation is done, this is easy. It takes 3 full days.

That ideally should give me 5.5 days of work a week leaving one full day and a half day off and anything over this has to be delegated to people on my team.

Putting any of these jobs off is foolish and has serious consequences. But as soon as they are part of a ritual and routine, they become second nature.