Huge Win (11)

Setting targets, using a To-Do List, and marking it all off as we achieve it gives us an incredible sense of success.

I believe, as working mums, we have to make 3 target lists every week… Sounds hard? No, it will make you feel more confident and like you are making progress.

List One: Your General LifeĀ 

This can relate to things that will make your general life easier and get jobs done. Generally these are chore or tasks that you hate or put off but once they are done, you feel fantastic.

Cleaning the windows

Cleaning out the toy room

Getting house insurance sorted

Making the freezer food for the week

Tidying the Garden

De-cluttering the house

List Two: Your Personal Targets

Sometimes we feel awful about ourselves but have no time to do anything about it, and as working mothers, we put ourselves last.

Maybe you want to lose weight… make the list related to that, take the initial steps

You need to go to the dentist or hairdressers, find the time, book the appointment

You need to visit a friend or family member, arrange it in advance, catch up

You need time to read that book or do that course, put into a schedule.

It’s easy to put things off, but once you allocate the time in the week for yourself, it is easy to get these things done. Sometimes it is about getting up 10 minutes before everyone else and making sure you have time to get ready before you rush around after everyone else in the day. It can be preparing your healthy lunch for work the night before. It can be shopping for yourself, looking after yourself. Make a small list and work through it, prioritize yourself

List Three: Work List

For each of us, work is very different. If you are employed, your list can be set by someone else. However completing this list may not be the reward for you. This is a generalisation of creating that work list.

There are tasks in everyone’s jobs that they hate, and I recommend you do these first in the week, get down to them and get them done and out-of-the-way, so that they do not overshadow your entire working life.

Or you could work alongside someone who you do not like. Minimise the time spent in their company by focusing on the task at hand and what it takes to complete in the best and quickest time possible. Focus on your motivation for work, your holiday, Xmas money, paying the bills.

Then make a list of the daily tasks that need to be completed and find a way to make sure these are done quickly and efficiently without too much stress.

If you are a manager or self-employed, delegate the tasks that take too much time to someone more efficient at them. Make your working life as easy as possible.

Try to complete your task list a day early. Make sure you take your breaks and balance your home and work life.

Make a list of everything you would change about your job and take them one step at a time. Once you start to feel efficient and organised you will feel more confident. By eliminating problems one at a time, you will enjoy your job more and become more productive.