Huge Win

As Busy Mums, it is sometimes hard to see why we are working so hard.

As women, we feel like we need an excuse to succeed. We shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting the best in life. Mummy / Work Guilt is always prevalent but we should push it to the back of our minds and focus on what motivates us to succeed; our “excuses for success.”

As children, we say “When I grow up, I want to be a …. and I am going to be rich.” In reality sometimes it is hard to decided what to “be” and getting by day to day or week to week can be a struggle enough.

In our employed work life, we should not be scared to want a payrise or to climb to the next level.. Part time or full time, we should want paid appropriately to the time we are sacrificing away from our family. The childcare is not cheap.

In our self employed life, we sacrifice a bit of ourselves to build our company, and build our brand. It can take the toll on our health, our relationships and our time; time we don’t get back.

So it is important that we find our motivation, so that the goal is our focus and it is crystal clear why we will find a way to get to it. Everyone’s motivation is different, it’s important to understand yours, to use it to your benefit.


You want to be successful… you see it in your life’s plan

You want to be the best at what you do. Yes, you want the money, but the recognition is more important to you. Achieving goals and hitting milestones brings you happy emotions. So set the goal for the day, set one for the week, the month, the year… Find out what the award ceremonies are in your area for your area of expertise and enter them. Be known for being the best. Share your brilliant news with your friends, family and customers. Hold events to celebrate these milestones… Take credit for your achievements and don’t be afraid to.

You love the taste of winning… you are competitive

So it’s not just about hitting the targets or getting paid. You are not happy until you outdo your competitors. Whether you are employed or self employed, you are sales orientated. However if hitting the top rank is now too easy for you, you lose interest. So now compete with yourself… your own personal bests. Keep a whiteboard or chart on your previous targets and then go for it.. No one will stop you

You love to try new things, learn new things, you like to be an expert

Maybe staying in the same role bores you, so you need to be learning new things and trying new roles out. You like to know everything about your department and then start to learn about a different department. Make a list of all the skills you have and jobs you know so you can appreciate how far you have come. Then make an alternative list of things you need to improve on and work through them one at a time. This gives you a sense of power over your own destiny.

You want to compensate for past failures, you won’t make the same mistake twice

Our emotions rule our mind and there is nothing more hurtful or frustrating than failure. Maybe you didn’t make enough money, you lost money, you wasted time. Whatever it is, you learn from your mistakes and remembering them is what motivates you to never do it again. This memory of failure is what motivates you. So, as an example, you had to borrow money for Xmas presents, then you sure will remember to save next year and not have the same stress. Make a list of failures, not to put yourself down, but to remember not to go there again.

Success is a way of proving yourself.. 

Success is our way of showing others we can make it. Against all odds, you did what you set out to do, proved others wrong. It then can make you feel stronger in unpleasant situations. So if you came from a poor background, or from a disavantaged position, success is what motivates you to prove your worth. It is the small successes at first that make you feel motivated.. If others say you can’t do it, this is what motivates you to prove them wrong. And make sure you shout it from the rooftops when this happens.

We equate positive outcomes with success… 

Maybe you don’t want to be the best, you don’t want to be a millionaire, and you don’t care what anyone thinks. But you do want a comfortable lifestyle, a spa day here and there, a holiday once of twice a year, maybe a new car… By setting yourself the rewards, this is what motivates you.


Achieving success can be like a journey. Based on what motivates you, set yourself a small target at a time, and achieve it. If you set yourself too high a goal to begin with, this can be destructive because you can feel that you are letting yourself down when you don’t reach it. Small successes can give you confidence, and remember to reward yourself and share them. What might be a small success to you, might be a huge deal to someone else.

Surround yourself with positive people and and a great team, like the ladies in the Mums at Work Networking Group