Inspire by Amanda R


Amanda Rafferty is a business mum of 3 who lives just outside Newry.

She worked in a Veterinary Surgeons for many years and after she had her third child, Aoife, she felt she would like to be a stay at home mum.  She told me, “It seemed a great idea at the time but it had a huge impact on my confidence.  I was slowly becoming a recluse.  I had a heart to heart with my hairdresser who encouraged me to look into personal shopping.  Finally, after a long time battling with low self-esteem I went down the route of Style Coaching which is a combination of a personal stylist and a life coach.  Fast forward to today and I have parked the fashion element and focus more on the coaching.”

I asked her what services does her business provide to clients and she explained, “The service I provide is based on confidence coaching.  When I was a personal shopper the key to any outfit was your underwear – it could make or break whatever you wore.  For me personally, confidence is the foundation for life. To make any changes or move forward you need to have that little bit of confidence to believe in yourself and trust your own ability. “

For Amanda, her biggest struggle in business so far has been a misunderstanding regarding the perception about personal coaching. She says,  “I would like people to realise that coaching and mentoring is not all airy-fairy – that it is about encouraging and supporting you to be the best version of you.”
Amanda gave me some advice to pass onto other Mums who have decided to work for themselves, “My advice is to go for it – yes it will be hard work and at times frustrating but ultimately it will be extremely rewarding.  Always remember fear lasts a short time…….regret lasts forever! ”  She also says, “Be kind to yourself and stay inspired”
Being a business mum means that life is very busy and it is important to have a hobby that you love and that gives you great reward. Amanda volunteers at a local musical theatre group – Emma Donnelly School of Music & Performing Arts -because as she says, “I love spending time with these kids and watching them grow in confidence & self-belief, it is hugely rewarding.” 
It is no surprise that Amanda has received an award for Inspirational Mentor at the Inspiration Awards for Women over in London back in September. While she is very proud of this achievement, she said it was a very surreal moment.
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