Time for a change in career…

So many mums have recently told me that they branched out into self employment after they needed the flexibility to work around their family, mainly by putting the skills they used in their normal job to cater to a niche market..

So cooks become caterers or bakers, and accountants have clients but for some people there may not be these options.

So I have thought up some roles where Mums can work from home, cut down the childcare and make an income for themselves. This list is not exhaustive but it might give some ladies some food for thought…

Selling Online

Simple buying in bulk and selling on amazon / etsy and ebay (and now Facebook shops) is a option for someone who has noticed a gap in the market. Success comes from knowing where to buy at the best price and from the most reliable supplier and selling on at a profit. Having a good knowledge and passion in the purpose of the products is what will sell them.

For those who set up a website for products, using tutorials on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to promote their use will help to drive the sales.

Creating Bespoke Items

If you are creating bespoke items, sites such as Etsy and Pinterest are the best for showcasing them. Instagram is good too and can be linked to a Facebook Shop to sell through social media. As these items are more personal, it is important to showcase them in a personal light, connecting their use to people so that the use is being showcased or enhanced.

Again, some of these products will be visual and in some cases, luxury. So to give this impression to customers, great photos, videos, and tutorials will be paramount to sell these for you.

Become a consultant

Chances are, through your life and career you’ve developed a certain set of skills. As a consultant, you can offer advice and expertise in your field to other people and businesses.

Don’t worry too much about what job titles you’ve had, but think instead about where you can add value, how you can make people’s lives easier, better, or save them money, and what particular business problems you have the necessary skills to solve. Once you know the answer to those questions, you’ll know where to start your consultancy.

One of the benefits of this line of work is that you may well have an existing network of contacts in the right industry who can help give your new career a jump-start. Depending on the nature of your work, you may need to visit your new clients at their business premises from time to time, but a lot of the work could well be done from home.


If you’re a hands-on person and would rather do more than simply advise, consider freelancing instead of consulting. There are a number of professions where you can lend your skills to a business without becoming a full-time employee – writing, designing and computer programming, to name a few.

Back office roles, accounting, blogging, marketing, sales.. the job list goes on and on. Make sure you know what rate to charge per hour and set your own times otherwise it isn’t any different to being employed. Know you value and have a set contract with each client.

Write a blog

Blogs can be particularly difficult to monetise and take a long time to build up, but many find it rewarding work. Moreover, the world of blogging is vast, so you can write about any topic that interests you. My tip is to find a topic that is close to your interests, in a topic where you understand the audience.

There’s no one area that’s a recipe for success – food blogs don’t out-perform car blogs or anything like that – but finding a way to make your blog stand out from the crowd will really help. Think about your audience, your tone, even the design of your blog, and find a way to be unique.

You’ll also need to leverage the power of social media, and, once you’ve built up a dedicated readership, think about how to spin a profit.

Become a virtual assistant

If you’re looking for something more straightforward and with (almost) immediate pay, you could become a virtual assistant. All you’ll need for this is a computer and reasonable internet speed and you’ll be good to go.

Virtual assistants function a lot like traditional PAs, completing admin tasks for others, but come with particular benefits for mums. As a virtual assistant you’ll work from your home – or anywhere else you like – rather than a particular office, and are only given tasks as and when they’re required, meaning you can take as much of a break between jobs as you need. Think about the busy people on the road who might benefit from someone organising them from a fixed location

Monetise your hobby

Are you looking at all the above suggestions and thinking that they’re just not for you? Well, now might be be the time to think about finding your passion project. You wouldn’t be the only one – one in three mums think they’re better at their hobby than their day job, so thinking about what you enjoy most and doing that instead could be your best way forward. Knitting, yoga, gym, dog walking or whatever… from turning your hobby into a local workshop or online programme, this is maybe a way of working from home.

Maybe you have a novel you always wanted to write, or you want to start teaching the instrument you play, or your newfound mum-skills could help others out when they have to go to work – it’s just about finding what works for you and your family.

Provide a Service

Ironing, personal shopping, sewing, childminding are some of the services that you can provide in your own home what mean that you don’t have to leave. My advice is to do your research and find out what the local charge is and to factor in the costs. I myself started a home ironing service that turned over 6 figures within the first 3 years. However once it grew so big, I needed to move it away from my house so that I could live without looking at laundry all the time.


Whatever you decided to do, set you work / life boundaries – One of our members today shared this photo in our Group: