Business Mum of 2, Kirsty McNaughton, likes to keep busy and she has different roles to occupy her time. Her main business is Active Mortgage Solutions but also has an online shop called Fearless Affirmations. She also practises Balanced Kinesiology, owns Beechtree Manor Boutique B&B and runs a not for profit North Coast Parents Community Group .

Kirsty says going into business was a sheer fluke, “Pre-mum, I was a transport manager for my father’s haulage company; as its international I was unable to keep up with the demands of the role and stepped down.

I then started Snails and Puppy Dog Tails in Ballymoney, baby & kids shop, a year in and I was expecting baby number 2, I suffer with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and there wasn’t enough money to pay a full-time manager and myself a wage to stay off work. After lengthy chats with my accountant I was advised to sell the business. Now Susan McAuley has rebranded to Bumble & Bee, which is a thriving business.”

Her love of Kinesoilogy took her down this route, “I started training in Kinesiology 4 years ago, it has always been a passion. I suffered from postnatal depression after Darragh and knew I didn’t want to go down the medical route. I was fortunate to have an alternative mother, who took me to a kinesiologist from the age of 5/6, who I still regularly attend. It worked. I literally walked out a different woman. My passion lies with birthing and postnatal women. Unfortunately, it’s a business that will be a slow burner and will take some time to establish.”

I asked Kirsty the story behind her business Fearless Affirmations which operates as an onlin shop and she told me, “I created my first set of affirmation cards after I had Eoghan, I hypobirthed with both boys and when looking for birthing affirmation cards, they were crazy prices. Which is why I decided to create my own. Then came the fertility set, as I knew quite a few women struggling with trying to conceive. The mind is a powerful tool and controls every cell in the body, if you tell yourself something long enough or even if someone else does, you will create that reality. This is why affirmations are so powerful, however you, yourself have to have that state of mind and have the faith. Or they will never work.”

However my alternative side is balanced with my practical side and this is what led me into finance as I know people have to have a back up plan financially especially when they are parents as this can help alleviate the stress in their lives. She says,  “The financial Services I offer are tailored to your family needs. The majority of couples with children have a decreasing joint life policy to cover their mortgage. They then in turn have no protection in place for their children. There are many life policies out there that you can benefit from while living. Long gone are the days when the only way to benefit from a life policy is to die. We also offer Mortgages, Investments, Pensions, and all protection insurance from Private medical to Income.”

I asked her about struggles and she admits she felt it really hard to let go of the children’s shop. She is glad she went for it despite this, going on her father’s advice, “My father always told me its better to have tried and failed than to sit and wonder what if. I know personally I would rather give something my all and go for it than sit back and 10 to 20 years down the line wonder what life would be like if I had of done it.”

I can’t imagine that Kirsty has much time to relax. She confides in me “I’m going to be brutally honest here, I only relax on my period. Here’s my alternative side coming out. I take two to four days and do what I want, should it be watching TV or going for a facial. I usually don’t go very far and always plan my work around it. We as women are cycle beings when we learn to work with our bodies and the flow of hormones we are super productive. My ovulation is my creative time, and when my period arrives is when I reflect and make major decisions, pre-ovulation is my doing time. I can usually get a full month’s work done in those 2 weeks between pre-ovulation and ovulation”.”

What event / experience are you most proud of?
Running a fleet of 25 units between Europe and the UK planning routes, being a strong female in a highly male dominated role. The logistics manager for Tate and Lyle sugar in London refused to communicate with me simply for being female. I quickly secured another contact with DHL.

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