Mama knows Best 



Omagh Mum of 5 runs 2 businesses around her family. She got into business after her 5th baby was born. She told me,” I fell into a bit of postnatal depression not really knowing what it was. A lady at the time suggested for me to go back to college and study reflexology which I did a few years later I then become a Holistic Therapist offering a range of treatments.  I also have 2 boys with ADHD and through their struggles I’ve always had real passion for helping kids,so this year I set up the Mama Knows Best page and created little positive Affirmation cards. I always believed in building kids up from the inside out.”

Her product is little kids positive Affirmations cards and Teenager affirmation cards. Available to purchase through the Mama Knows Best page and at Sole to soul Holistic practice she offers Reflexology Reiki and IET therapy.

Her biggest struggle was juggling her business around being a busy mum and the kids and it’s really only this year she have been able to master it as they are all a little less dependant.

Her advice to anyone is, “Grab every opportunity that comes your way with both hands and make it happen. Also link in with like minded people who will help and support you, finding the Mum’s at Work Networking Group was the best thing that ever happened to me.. I went to a few Mums at Work events and they were so empowering. It was when I was at the event in cookstown and I listened to Tara grimes talking and one line she said gave me the push to create my little product. I’m not sure of the exact line now but it was something like ” No matter how big or small your dream is go for it” and it all happened for me after that.”

In her spare time Charleen likes to relax is through meditation, yoga, long baths and reading.

Reflecting over the last few months, she is so proud of the little product she created as hey are helping so many young kids and her own and that does her heart so good.