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Magherafelt Business Mum of 2 boys, Victoria Ewart was a Vocational Tutor for a private training agency and then became a training manager. After years of stress and with an organisational change of structure, the pressure became too much and she resigned.

Victoria was a hobby baker for years and decided to go full time in 2012 and started her own business called “Just Desserts & Cakes by Victoria.”  She admits that the road was not easy at times, worrying about bills, taking a very steep drop in wages but by 2014 she became so busy, she started to turn away customers for the first time. She said “In 2016 I partnered with Eileen O’Kane and we started Bespoke Wedding Cakes NI and then merged my business in 2017 to become one cake business. I have a creative side and I find my passion is Novelty and Carved Cakes.”



The business provides Bespoke Cakes for all occasions from Weddings to Birthdays, Corporate Events and Christenings.  The ladies also cater for allergen diets such as Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free and Vegan. The business works out of a cake studio from Victoria’s home just outside Magherafelt.

Like many business mums, Victoria says that trying to juggle family life with business is her biggest struggle with her business. She explains “My children are still at home and need their mummy, which can be difficult when trying to fit in Wedding Consultations, baking and decorating cakes whilst still being mummy, taxi service, wife, chief cook and bottle washer!!”

Victoria treasures her role as a mother and being able to work around her children is paramount. When asked what event she was most proud of in the world, she told me “Having my children; I struggled with pregnancy, after years of miscarriages and losing my still born son Joseph in between my two boys, I am proud to say that they are my greatest achievement in life.”

Victoria says that all the hard work is worth it when she gets to spend quality time at her caravan in Benone with my husband, 2 sons and our Basset Hound Lord Winston! When she ever gets some time for herself, she loves to read.

Her Advice for other people who are starting up a business would be “Do your market research, speak to a service such as Workspace, join networking groups of like minded people as nothing beats the age old saying of been there…done that…got the T-Shirt!!! look in to the Innovation Voucher scheme.”


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