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Belfast Mum of 3, had a background in the finance industry many many moons ago. but only fell back into it after her husband was very ill.

She told me, He didn’t have any income protection and we thought his work benefit was great but he was off work for a year and a half but six months full pay was all he had. I then felt the pressure of only person bringing in the money and remember saying if only we had protected our income. This is what made me go back and study to become a financial adviser and ensure families protect themselves.”

So now Briege offers one to one consultation with individuals, couples, families and or businesses/clubs. She looks at their whole financial circumstance and offer the protection where required – from Income Protection to Private Health to Life/Critical to Home Insurance. With businesses, she offers them life cover to protect the business ,private medical insurance for employees and much more.

Briege is passionate about her products and services and is most proud that in her initial first year of working under the network or Eunisure Ltd, she has made it into the top 50 Advisers in the UK.

Briege admits her struggle is maintaining a constant stream of customers.

She says, “I am not a hard sales woman so I don’t go knocking doors for business (maybe I should?!) I rely on referrals and word of mouth so some months are hectic and others are very quiet.”

Her advice for the other working mums who are thinking of working from home or starting a business is, “Do your research, become an expert in your field, prepare to be make changes, constantly develop yourself and your product and service. Be Passionate and believe in yourself.”

Briege is originally from Belfast but now lives in Glenavy

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