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Introducing Business Mum Joanie, originally from Swatragh, “married into” Garvaghey, Ballygawley County Tyrone is mummy of 1 and expecting no. 2 in June..

Joanie told me how she fell into her business accidentally. She started it in 2010 after a lot of soul searching and she reflects now that she was subconsciously thinking about starting a business.

She told me, “Before this I worked in PR & Communications at Pinc PR Draperstown after graduating from an under graduate degree in these subjects at UUJ. 

After leaving Pinc I worked on a few freelance PR projects and wrote some freelance articles for various newspapers, while spending time travelling around Australia.

All the freelance work I did revolved around helping other businesses insofar as getting coverage to boost their business.

So I knew that whatever I needed to be doing as a business, it would involve helping others, in one capacity or another.

When my business was ‘born’, I had just completed my MA in Journalism in 2010 and that was the path I was pursuing, until the universe intervened & changed my direction and led me to starting up ‘A Shake A Day’.

It has been amazing as I have had the opportunity to nurture people towards their health goals and their financial goals, through teaching them how to live a healthy active lifestyle, while also helping them to make extra money from home, by helping people in their friends & family circle, too.”


I asked Joanie about her business, what makes it work for her and why she is passionate about it and she explained,  “My business is a global  ‘feel good’ business. It’s a business centred around healthy active lifestyle, with balance. 

I’m not a believer in diets, so I teach people how to make healthier swaps with very simple and effective tips and tricks I have gleaned through the years. 

I also work with a world famous nutrition company and introduce these amazing products into my clients lives as an integral part of their plan. 

Nothing is difficult about my programmes, they are also very affordable, and the results my clients are seeing and feeling are unbelievable.

I’m a foodie and I just cannot and will not give up certain foods. So I see my role as helping people feel better through ‘eating like me’ and enjoying life while trying to get leaner- in no way should you have to sit out dinner or drinks with the girls because you’re on a ‘diet’.

Most of the work I’m doing now is online and I’m really pleased about this as it suits most local people & it allows me to work with people across the globe.

Mums especially are busy and don’t have the time to drive for weigh ins and consultations face-to-face. So I’m working every day on trying to create a seamless experience for the client to work with me online and still get amazing results. 

We have a private client group and it’s a great community of likeminded people who are all there to support one another and gain access to my meal plans and snack lists in the private group. 

The other side to my business is mostly online based as well: I train others in how to do what I do, keeing it as simple as possible, and making sure that those who join my team become independent as quickly as possible and are making their desired income, very part time.

I also work closely with many salons/gyms who have introduced the nutritional products I endorse & use, along with my coaching methods to their clientele, as an extra income stream to their already established business.

Beauty/fitness and slimming/wellbeing in general go hand in hand, so this formula is working well for the salons/gyms I work with.”

I also asked Joanie what she struggled with the most in her business. Everyone has a certain struggle and it’s very brave to admit it and share it with others who may be experiencing similar problems. Joanie honestly divulged that she has experienced negativity from others who didn’t understand the MLM aspect of her business.

She stated, “I found it very hurtful but I persevered nonetheless as my business is completely above board.  My business is born out of from the multi level marketing/direct selling industry, and as a business model not everyone understands MLM businesses. 

A business where the owner gets to work from home & team build from home, is no less of a business than any other & it deserves no less respect than the bricks and mortar businesses in the middle of a town. 

Not everyone fits the same mould and some people work better from home in their own time on their own terms, around their kids. 

But I feel the negativity prevails from some people in the industry coming across as too ‘spammy’ when they are working a business from home. 

Targeting every single friend and family member to be your next team member is not a good business move – but being honest, I have made a few rookie errors in the past down to sheer excitement and thinking everyone would be mad not to join my team!

As the saying goes, we live and learn!

 I soon learned that everyone is not a prospect and that attraction marketing is the way forward in my line of business.

I feel very passionate about removing the stigma attached to all MLM businesses, and also educating others on how to advertise the right way in connection to their work from

home business.”


I asked Joanie what advice would she give to someone who wants to develop a product or service in Northern Ireland and she said, “I’m so glad this question has been asked as I am going through the motions right now insofar as trying to bring a unique product I fully believe in and feel there is a serious need for, to the market. So ask me more about this if I manage to bring it to fruition! It’s top secret for now! 

Also approach Invest NI & see if your business proposal is a right fit for government funding in the form of the Innovation Voucher. 

Insofar as the work I’m already doing, just believe in yourself and educate yourself by being around people who inspire you. Attend seminars like the ‘Mums At Work’ networking events and ask questions to those who are already successful in business and who you think could enlighten you. 

I’d also recommend studying all things digital/social media as that’s the area you’ll need to know well to have your business seen and heard and ultimately, making money. 

Also be a supporter of other businesses. Just by being helpful will get people talking about you. So if you see or hear of something that might help a business owner who you admire, share it with them – without expectation even! The universe will reward you in kind!”

Here are Joanie’s Contact details if you want more information:

To your health,

Joanie O’Hanlon
Health Coach & Healthy Active Lifestyle Influencer

Tel: 0044 7734952340

Facebook: facebook.com/ashakeadaywithJoanie