Alyson Spence Complimentary Therapist

Coleraine Mum of 2 boys, got into business because she was always interested in health and natural wellbeing and she just loves to help other people. Therefore it was no surprise that she entered into the world of complementary therapies for both adults and children with a cancer diagnosis or who are medically frail. She’s also a Weleda wellbeing Advisor and Team Mentor for Northern Ireland. This allows her to advise on health and wellbeing products and she carries out all the team training in N.I.


Her advice to other women with a passion and belief in a product is to with your gut feeling and always stay true to yourself.


I asked Alyson what she struggled with the most and she said, “I would say my biggest struggle at the start was knowing when to take time out for myself but over the years I have gotten very good at this. I love to walk the dog on the beach or have a treatment. 


I also asked Alyson why she loves her job and how rewarding it is and she told me “I’m proud almost every day when I hear just how I have helped clients on their cancer journey and made their life more bearable.”

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