Golden Circle Crystal Executive for Isagenix

Stephanie stepped into business when she fell desperately ill. Diagnosed with three neuro conditions, she needed to find a way to pay the bills whilst having brain surgery. Stephanie, now 33, and mum of a gorgeous 7 year old and a forever baby, went into network marketing as she could not work in a “conventional job”


Stephanie, from Belfast, is passionate about Isagenix because thproducts are nutritional cleansing systems. She says, “The world we live in today is toxic, you cannot escape it and our food is nutritionally bankrupt. With more and more people complaining of exhaustion, poor sleep, brain fog, weight gain…. it’s time to look at deep cellular cleansing and supplementing your food with superfood.”


Stephanie was privileged to have spoken on stage in London in front of 2000 people for her company. She also was invited as a keynote speaker for a Facebook training event that was live to 10,000 people.


She says she genuinely does not struggle with her business because it is her passion. She loves helping people step into in their greatness. Her advice to other business women is to learn how to goal map. “This will help you set up a concise clear plan for your business. Everyone needs a plan. Even the biggest mountain can be conquered with the right map.”


Stephanie has attended our Belfast Mums at Work event and is an active member of our online group

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Stephanie has great advice and support for other ladies selling from home and can be found in our group or you can find her on LinkedIn