Always learning New Things

Event organising has been a real learning curve for me. Firstly organising an event takes a lot of hard work and I have learned never to assume people will want to or be able to come. I believe in the events being powerful and a great signpost to help people see where they are going with their business so I drive on with the advertising and keep pushing the event, trying to reach new people every time. For my first couple of events, I had naively believed that people would find a way to make it if they really wanted inspiration.

So in terms of organising events like this I have discovered that people are scared of the unknown unexpected prospect of what goes on. So I have to thank everyone who has attended previously and reassured others that it’s not at all scary.

It has been a learning curve for me asking for help to get the word out about the events but it’s a case of practising what I preach. I started the group so we could identify the right people to ask for help professionally and personally so we could grow and succeed. This part of the journey has been amazing for me. So I have to thank all the strong and powerful women who also believe in me and who have attended more than one event and spread the word among friends. From Úrsula Murphy who I now speak to at least 5 times a week, Brigid Duggan, Kirsty McNaughton, Denize McKeown, Louise Carey and well as all the guest speakers, I really cannot thank you enough for all your continued support and advice and all you have done for me and this amazing group.

The concept is that by hearing people speak and tell their journey, you are not the only person with struggles or problems. The majority of people have been in the same position and have found solutions. We can find the solution and get rid of problem more quickly. Problems will keep coming but our events are like a “cheat sheet.”

The group itself grows daily. That’s down to all the members recommending and growing because we have embraced the concept of helping each other. It’s a fantastic thing to be a part of. I have only all the members to thank.