My Brand is my voice

Mums at Work was a lightbulb moment for me when I realised the need for busy mums to get together and share resources. I didn’t know what this looked like, I didn’t have a logo, I didn’t have a plan. It was a loosely formed concept in my mind.

As a business Mum, I knew I myself would never attended a “high flier” networking event and go by myself to big business events. I also know that people like me rarely get out to meet others, and that working from home and being self employed can be a lonely experience and it’s difficult to sound off ideas and problems when there is no one there to listen!

So the page was created, the group was formed and the first event was put together and it wasn’t long before the “brand” became to emerge.

I realised that I was part of the brand whether I liked it or not. To be supportive and connect with people like me, I had to be the centre of the brand and the brand had to be a reflection of my voice, ideas and values.

My guest speakers are part of the brand. They have to be able to connect with the audience and bring value to them and inspire them.

The events themselves are part of the brand. They are central to getting ladies out of the house and promoting themselves

Even in 10 weeks, the brand has evolved with a shift in the concept. Yes, the groups and events are there to support Business mums and working mums but they are not restricted to this criteria. We have mums looking for jobs and business women who don’t have children or their children have grown up.

I believe it’s important to have a good brand because this is the customers perception of you and the better the brand, the more value they see in your business so this will increase your chance of success.

Some key questions:

What do you want your product to say?

What perception do you want your customers to have of you?

What value does your product bring to your customer?

If you are your brand, does your presentation mirror your voice?

Brand and presentation are central to our event in Coleraine on Tuesday 27th March 2018

It’s called Mums Perfecting Business because it features 4 local business mums who are

Geri Martin – The Chocolate Manor NI

Perfecting the Brand

Iris Rowntree – Style by Iris

Perfecting your Image

Anna MacAuley – The Savvy Retailer

Retailer Perfection

Jil Peterson – The Stables Flowers

Designer Perfection

Tickets can be purchased via eventbrite

Your brand is your logo… or is it?