Business Mum, owner of Ohh Social and Sugahfix was a Guest Speaker at our first event and gave great advice to all the Business Mums and Women in Business in the room

 Know your audience and sell to them – Toome 10/01/18


Busy Business Mum Ursula Murphy knows how to make sure her products reach the right people. Owner of the popular app “Ohh Social” and online Sugahfix, Ursula uses her backdrop in PR and Marketing to make sure her products get the right kind of visibility and sales.
Ursula believes that to be able to sell you must know your audience and where they hang out.
Sugahfix is a blog, known for it’s original photography, high quality fashion shoots, extensive catwalk galleries and Style Spotter style commentary. Sugahfix is the result of many creative individuals collaborating to create something a little different than regular fashion and style blogs.
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On the other hand, OhhSocial is a simple to use smart phone App offering hundreds of exclusive buy-one-get-one-free offers to use annually  across Northern Ireland.  Users can save hundreds of pounds when out and about with the OhhSocial 2018 subscription.
It’s Tagline is “Live more, Spend Less”
My top takeaways from Ursula’s talk was
  • Know your audience
  • Know your product
  • Know what your customer wants
  • Hang out where your customer is
  • Have a great website to convert sales and give information.



Ohh Social is downloadable from the AppStore and GooglePlay and has discounts on products from coffee to cocktails, kids activities to cinema tickets, meals to gym classes