Business Mum, Fit Business.. Cookstown Event 28/02/18

It was hard to believe that Tara Grimes from the successful Tara Grimes Fitness Business was one of the most nervous speakers I have ever met but once she got started, she was fine!
There are not enough adjectives to describe this lady, and it is clear to see why she has a connection with so many people, especially the ladies whose health and fitness she is so passionate about.
She is so sincere and inspirational at the same time and the advice she gave was fantastic
So how did Tara grow her business from nothing to a global business. Here are my main takeaways from her talk
  • Be true to yourself. Sell a product that you believe in and have passion in
  • Have a product that adds value to your customers lives
  • Be convenient and available
  • Have a product that people can identify with
  • Be your brand
  • Find out from the experts how to get it done in all the areas you are unsure of
  • Hire the right people – this can be hit and miss but the people are out there
  • Be the Best that you can be in your area – be an expert.
  • Don’t be worrying about what others do, focus on your goals
  • Do the correct marketing and advertising. It has to be strategic.
I also identified with the “Mummy Guilt” Syndrome that Tara touched on – she does after work and weekend fitness classes with her clients which can eat into her family time but unfortunately, it’s the nature of the business. Finding quality time instead is a priority.
Here are the contact details for Tara Grimes fitness so you can find out more


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