Become an expert in your area – Toome Event 10/01/18

Sinead McKeever, from SM Marketing Services was one of our guest speakers back in January and she told her journey from working in-house to going out on her own. With a degree in Marketing, she took her skills forward to be able to be versatile in her own business and be valuable on a business to business level.
In an ever changing world, Sinead said that she had to keep her skills up to date and that a lot of the legwork had to be initiated herself, from online tutorials and attending events to learn as much as she could so she could be of value in her business.
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My top takeaways from Sinead was to make sure you take time for yourself and have a switch off time where you relax. Sinead also advised that you surround yourself with supportive people and remain focused and try to keep on top of your skills