Work to suit yourself and have value! – Toome Event 10/01/18

Business Mum Orlagh Kelly used her experience in hospitality and crafty talents to start a bespoke wedding business that could not be imitated.
Working from home, Orlagh can create bespoke headpieces, beautiful bouquets, church decor, venue decor and accessories and much more to make a bride’s day unique.
She told us how she has grown this from concept to now.



Below is a wee clip from Orlagh’s talk – my main takeaway was to work around yourself and to have value. If you provide a personal service to customers, there may be a limit to the time you spend on a client, especially if you are providing a bespoke service. So, just as big brands are not able to work on a budget, neither should you. To continue loving your business, to have pride in your work, and to want to continue it, you must get paid appropriately so stick to your price and know your value. Don’t get burnt out.

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