Kim Constable's advice to all the Business Women at the Mums at Work Event in Portglenone in February

Creating a Programme for Success – Portglenone Event 21/02/18

I knew when I asked Kim to speak at our event that she was going to be different from the rest. Kim isn’t your typical mum. She is a yoga loving, vegan unschooling mum who is a body builder with an online programme being sold to people all over the world.On the other hand, this is why I asked her to speak!  I loved the way that Kim laid out that she had a few failed businesses before she started to make any money and that she herself was stuck in her business until she took advice from a friend! She had tried some businesses that had failed until she turned her love of yoga into a business. However, as many of you know, there are only so many hours in the day and so Kim embarked on a online course for her clients as well called the DeyogaTox and this was successful.


Kim realised she had a unique interest in her “love of muscles” coupled with her vegan lifestyle and soon realised she could turn this into a brand that could be sold as an online product as well.  The product, The Sculpted Vegan took a year to build but in 3 months, her sales hit 6 figures.

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Kim was able to advise ladies who were selling a service online that the best way to do so is to offer FREE products so that they can a trust in your brand and they know your product so that they can become paying customers.
Kim also grows these customers using Instagram, by putting her workout online every day so that her followers and fans know that the programme she follows really works.
She links her programme to her instagram bio along with the description:
How to Sculpt the Body of a Physique Athlete on a Vegan Diet 
I have Kim’s powerpoint for all attendees of the event – if you didn’t get it you can send me a message here