Guest Speaker at the Mums at Work Portglenone, Kelly Neill, giving good advice to working mums

Maintain your work life balance – Portglenone Event 21/02/18

Pic-55When Guest Speaker Kelly Neill told me that she was going to keep it real, I was glad. As much as everything thinks, working for yourself is not easy; working in a role is much easier, but as all self employed people know, it is all about doing everything.
Our Working Mums, and many working parent and self employed people are very much aware that they have to fulfill all the roles from cleaner to marketer, from van loading and in Kelly’s case sales and also manufacturing and labelling.
We heard how she created her drink, from it’s first concept and taste, and produced it in her kitchen, bottled and labelled it and then went out to pitch it. So far so good… and then came fulfilling the orders and shipping.. Yes I am exhausted too.
And we all empathised as we all feel overwhelmed by our business on a day to day basis with so many tasks to do. After all, that is why I started the group, so that we could all help each other take a few shortcuts along the way.
It was great to hear Kelly say it out loud. It’s OK to feel this way and it’s OK to take a step back. Being self employed, sometimes we put the pressure on ourselves.
So my top takeaways were:
  • When it stops working for you, stop doing it
  • Value relationships as they are more important than work
  • Do what you do well
  • Don’t put yourself through a lot of stress
Thank you Kelly for coming to see us, her contact details are below