Have passion and don’t give up! – Toome Event 10/01/18


I asked Catherine MacKenzie to speak 5 days before the event began, via a Facebook message and she agreed. I explained I was putting together an event for working mums who may or may not be self-employed. The concept was a light bulb moment in my own mind and I hadn’t formulated what this actually entailed. Her only instructions were that she was to speak for 15 minutes.
I got a message back a day before the event and she said she wasn’t going to give instructions on building a business, rather going to tell her journey. I am so glad she did.
This amazing photographer was originally a nurse who loved photography and went to courses to feed her hobby, and this was her love and passion. When she began, professional photography was a male dominated world and one man told her she would never be good enough – simply because she was a woman!
When times were tough, she went back to her love of photography and did another course, always topping up her skills. One day she was asked to take part in a photoshoot for a local magazine and now she is well established fashion and photoshoot photographer. She has won award after award and is so passionate about her work.
She also specialises in Wedding Photography and has a studio based in Limavady


She can be found on Catherine’s Facebook Page or online at Cathmackenzie
Thank you Cath for sharing your journey with us. My takeaways were
  • Don’t let anyone tell you you are not good enough
  • Have faith in yourself
  • Keep freshing your skills
  • Use your talents for different uses and you have different ways of bringing in an income.
  • Don’t be scared to ask for help
  • Always keep trying