Overthinking is a killer of dreams

Fear of failure takes up more space in our brain than the hope for success.

I say that because I know that there are a million “sparks” that go off in my mind everyday and before I act on them, I have already talked myself out of it..

And as a busy mum, there are plenty of distractions to help me have the time to put myself off!

This week I subscribed to a free Mel Robbins “5 Second Rule” 3 video tutorial even though I had heard her before and made a conscious decision to adhere to the rule – here is a link to her website in case you haven’t heard about it and you can listen to her on YouTube as well

Mel Robbins

mel robbins

We all know ourselves better than anyone, and as I know my own habits, the only way I knew I could get things in place was to get all the small jobs and day to day jobs out of the way and clear the schedule… and with it being a bank holiday weekend, I knew if I got organised early, I would be able to clear 2 days and there would be no excuses.


I love listening to Jim Rohn when I am cleaning the house and it is funny how suddenly you like cleaning the house when you have paperwork to do or a fresh business idea to implement!

The types of jobs I hate doing are silly things like emails, accounts and Facebook analysis. These are necessary to keep in touch with your audience, keep revenue coming from customers and making sure there is a profit, so that you can make sure you are heading in the right direction. It is focus that is required. However, like many others, I lose hours after turning on Facebook generally looking at other posts.

Not today. My “to-do” list was penned last night. I remembered after speaking to a “Mums at Work” member that sales are key and a range of methods are required to engage customers and to attract new ones.

Today’s work then consisted of

  • Setting up a workshop
  • Finalising details on an event
  • Some attraction marketing on facebook (all backed up with scheduled posts for a week in the evening on one page based on times the fans were online – always check your facebook insights!)
  • Some pretty photos to support facebook on instagram to post during the week
  • A couple of new ideas for fresh revenue implemented (you don’t know until you try)
  • Mailchimp landing pages created for a new idea (again you don’t know til you try)
  • Mailchimp email campaign sent to let people know the craic (St. Patrick’s Day Pun)

I also set myself a couple of personal goals..

  • Breakfast – Every day.. This means getting up an hour earlier…
  • Lunch – Every day… prepared in advance so no excuses
  • Family Meal Plan for the week to shopped for
  • Set Bedtime every night (routine is key for production – I need sleep)


And a new work goal for the next week –

  • Try to plan for the next months weddings
  • Finalise the year’s plan of Mum’s at Work Events… (very exciting all will be revealed)


Finally I am so excited about the next 2 weeks as we approach the Belfast Event and Coleraine event for Mums at Work.

It’s been a great rollercoaster of emotions so see the online Facebook group from 40 people to over 1200 (almost 1300 people) since 10th January and our first event. The group is fantastic and is full of driven and focused women all passionate about their products and willing to give advice to help and support each other. It truly is great to be part of this community.

It is not long since Women International Week and we all congratulated each other in the roles in our lives as both mothers and working women, business people or career people. For women will always be spinning plates and juggling jobs. They are born multitaskers and while men have much more of a role in the family than ever before, the buck stops with many women.  I posted this on the group this morning..


As a mummy of 3 boys, and 4 girls, I have tried my best to train my boys on multi tasking. However, as soon as I turn my back, the 4 girls from 22 to 10 are happy to pick up the slack and do all for the boys. I don’t think the boys are at fault (although they don’t complain)


Anyway in case you haven’t heard, our event on Monday night starts at 7PM and is in Crumlin Road Gaol and features 4 fabulous guest speakers



Followed by our Coleraine event on Tuesday 27th at the Bushtown Hotel


mums at work coleraine