Transition from Secured Income to Unknown..

As business mums, many of us never intended it that way.. we had “proper” jobs, and ordinary working hours, conformed roles..

We had rigid working hours, set holidays and set pay. It was security…

Sometimes as mummies, the role far more important than any job, we felt that this job, even if it was a career we trained for, was not suitable for the life of our families.

In other cases, we have had a business that grew out of a talent.

In any case, before we left secure income, we had to weigh up the pros and cons of this serious decision. For some mums, they take a huge cut in income, and this is balanced by the lack of childcare costs, and the fact they can work everything around their family.


Here is the story of Gemma, who has built a successful cake business and the risk she took not once but twice to step out of secure income

Gemma’s story



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