Getting everyone out on time in the morning.. Easy isn’t it?

So the alarm goes off… Everyone gets up, gets breakfast, gets ready, is all prepared and we are all left the house by 8.30am – right?

“Have a great day!” We all sing to each other…

Erm no, that’s not the way it is in my house.

My neighbours probably think I am something from another planet from the sounds I am making to get everyone up and ready.

In the old days, when the children were young, the problem was feeding bottles and making up bottles before nursery to get to work on time. Timing everything right so I had time to put clothes on myself. When the child could hold their own bottle or hold a spoon and feed themselves, what a great help that was.

Toddlers.. the frustration when they wanted to dress themselves! You want to help but they won’t let you and you can’t risk a 20 minute tantrum over socks… who has time for the naughty step and time out? Not me.

By primary school age they decide they won’t dress themselves. You have to do it. They can do it any other day except Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. The trance they go into watching TV so breakfast becomes slow motion.

By age of 10, breakfast is becoming a thing of the past on a weekday. At the weekend, cereal is life, but before 10am on a weekday. Not hungry. A glass of milk is the substitute.

And homework not completed. Like how? I asked you a million times last night did you finish your homework…

What about the teacher says we need a pound. No warning. No change. Usually as we are leaving without the spare time required to go to the shop. Raiding the back of the sofa or bedside drawers. “Anyone got a pound?” As I said the neighbours think I am crazy anyhow..

So I read a blog where the Mum sets out chores in the morning to get them all done. Each child feeds the cat / dog / fish or empties the dishwasher.

My advice, don’t expect it. Or don’t have a fish.

Now whether you are self employed or employed, this should resonate with you. So don’t feel alone in your morning struggle. When you see those perfect mummies dropping kids off at the school gate, just think to yourself, they have help, probably a housekeeper or live in nanny..

or no job and they only have proper clothes on from the waist up (that’s why they are still in the car)

My only advice is

Put the shoes / coats / schoolbags and lunchboxes by the exit door the night before and make sure all notes are signed

I myself get up half an hour before I shout to waken everyone. This is to purely make a to do list for the day and to drink coffee. I listen to a bit of music and try and feel human before the chaos begins.

On special occasions like Halloween be really prepared – they take it seriously (my youngest 4 below 2016)