As the end of 2017 was coming near, I was thinking about my business for 2018 and what direction it was taking, as well as the fact that as my children were growing, I wanted more time with them.

I thought back to why I had started my business, and how I had intended to work it around my life. I looked around me in the wedding world and at all the strong ladies around me who were also working 120% and how many of them were so brilliant at what they do (most of you I have added into this group so you know who you are)

And I thought it would be great if we could get together and share ideas (and problems) and to have someone to bounce ideas off. And so the concept for the Mums at Work page / group began and the vision was not so very clear..

So I organised with the help of a few good friends (who probaly thought I was a bit crazy) our first “networking night” in January and it was absolutely great.

We had 6 guest speakers who had no idea who was coming or what the craic was and it turned out to be the foggiest night every in history but we ran with it anyway.

Caroline Oneill from DIGG Childrenswear came and told us how she left her job as an occupational therapist and started her childrenswear and how it evolved into occasionwear. Shes the reason we all started chatting away on Snapchat to our customers and even if we did it before, we were all over it after she told us the way she did it.

Pauline Haughey came and told us all about how she started her business Haughey Recruitment in Dungannon and how she built it up. Pauline is the reason why we are all trying Facebook Live.

Catherine Mackenzie from Catherine MacKenzie Photography came and told us how she was originally a nurse but her love of photography led her to a career that now takes her to photoshoots and fashion shows and fabulous weddings. Her journey there was not easy but her determination got her there..

Ursula Murphy came and told us how she used her years of PR and marketing experience to launch her own brand and app OhhSocial and she told us all about audiences and how to reach them

Orlagh Kelly from Happy Ever Vintage came and told us her journey from working in hospitality to a job that she can work around her family and committments and she can use her incredible artistic talents to create bespoke decor. She told us to never drop your price as time is precious

Sinead Mckeever from SM Marketing Services showed us the brand that she has built for herself after working inhouse for a while. And how her company has evolved and taken her all over the country, working hand in hand with building companies. She told us about the support of her family and the need to take some time for yourself.

Everyone had a part to their story that everyone could identify with…

So after a bite to eat we all introduced ourselves (by mic no less) much to the “surprise” of everyone and we all got to know each other. And straight away decided to do it again. As one women said “it wa very cathartic” and lots of people said they left buzzing and motivated by each other.

I just didn’t want it to be motivating, so I have sourced brilliant guest speakers who have different stories and talents that they can tell you about and share…

Its not about being a start up.. It’s not about being a mummy. It’s about the normal everyday struggles you have to strive and build your business and the hard work that keeps it going and the direction you choose to take to suit the changing needs of your family, self employed or employed!

To avoid people having to travel all over the place, I have set up 2 events for February – one in the Wild Duck on the 21st February and the other in the Greenvale in Cookstown on the 28th..

The details of the events and the Guest Speakers can be found here: