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In December 2017 we had only about 30 Members.. By the time that we had reached our January 2018 Event at the White River House hotel we had about 70 members.

The news of our fab night reached far and wide.. and within 7 days we had doubled and by the end of 10 days we had tripled… and we are a growing and powerful group of like-minded ladies!

Each one of us is a busy mum.. we all have hectic lives. But we all have goals and a drive to succeed. We all encounter problems… we all sometimes lack motivation; but together we have a committment to succeed, and a support network to help us along the way

Some of our members are women whose children have grown up.. They are able to tell us how they survived the stress of bringing children up with their business.. Some ladies had to rethink their career after having children and were faced with no or limited flexibility in the workplace.

Other business Mums founded their business based on a need they had encountered, a gap in the market that they knew they could fill. Or a talent or hobby they worked at while they had a full-time job and that became a full time business to sustain their family.

We have business Mums who own premises, run workshops, work from home, work in the road. We have beauty professional, health professionals, Network Marketers, shop proprietors, business consultants, event companies, wedding business, slimming consultants, florists, photographers, travel and insurance advisors, and even a glass blower..  We are a diverse range of strong women and it is exciting to talk to them all.

We have members from all over the UK and Ireland and even some from America.. We are growing far and wide!

It is even more exciting to meet them personally.. to hear them speak and to see that they are all normal people. If you have started on self employment and your own business model then you can certainly benefit from being part of this group. You may have a vision and don’t know where to begin. Each of these Business Mums started somewhere. And they are still on their journey to success.

Join us and lets learn together!

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