Some Home Office Essentials to help working from home much easier.


A working laptop or computer.

The most essential of home office essentials is a laptop or computer. Having a laptop or computer that isn’t up to date can make simplest task such as replying to emails a pain. Constant freezing and slow usage in general can set you back from having a productive working day or evening. So, when you have enough funds to invest in a new laptop or computer – first do your research. You will need to carefully look for the specs you need for the type of work you’re doing. If you can’t afford a new one, you can easily talk to a specialist about what replacements you can make to upgrade your current laptop or computer.

Having an organised system for your home office.

Some people prefer using a diary or paper system to manage their meetings and schedule. However, this system can be outdated, and you may want to upgrade from this. Online calendars, reminders and notes that you can sync from your mobile phone to your computer can make everything easier. Voice assistants have also become popular so you can try Amazon Alexa/Echo or Google Assistant and link these to your phone or computer as well. Having your schedule linked together can help with organisation and stop misplacements of your paper system.

A printer.

Depending on your business and type of work you do, a printer may be needed. A simple printer or something more advanced for printing art and photographs can come in handy.  You may also need a scanner to scan important documents for your records. You can buy both printers and scanners online, but you need to do your research for this again. By having your own personal scanner or printer, you will save money by not having to pay to use others.

A music system.

If you love listening to music while you are working, then you should invest in music services such as Spotify or Amazon music. You can create your own playlist of all your favourite songs and artists without having to invest in the paid versions. Using these apps will keep them in one place and you can connect them on all your devices.

If you’re more old school you should invest in a multi-player, which allows a collection of albums to be held at once and plated one after another.

A coffee machine.

If having a coffee machine in your office will allow you to drink as much coffee as you like without leaving the room, this will have a number of benefits. It will not only free up time, but the aesthetic appearance will look professional when holding meetings in your office.


The coffee machine’s aesthetic appearance will look good beside your favourite paintings, prints and sculptures. According to research, a planned and thought out office art and décor can inspire you and increase wellbeing and productivity. So, this is the perfect excuse to splurge and invest.


A messy desk and office can make it hard to focus on your work. Finding the perfect storage set up can be hard. Not all storage can be dull, finding full shelving units with quirky and colourful looks that fits all your paperwork and equipment can have a big impact on how you work.

A pet.

Apparently, an office pet can reduce stress and increase efficiency. If you have a dog, this also gives you can excuse to take a break and go for a walk. However, having a pet can be a lot of work and can be an extreme measure to make your office more comfortable. But if you have an existing pet it may be worth encouraging them to spend time in your office with you.

A really good office chair.

Are you comfortable in your office? Or are you using an old kitchen chair until your save enough to invest in a new one? When working at home, you’re spending several hours a day in your office chair. It is worth investing in one that’s not only comfortable but one that will support your back properly. If you ignore this aspect when looking for a new chair, the position you are left in can lead to poor posture and possible injuries.

Healthy snacks.

Its easy to reach for an unhealthy snack full of sugar or salt such as chocolates or crisps to give you an energy boost. But over time, these snacks do not give a long lasting energy boost, and they’re not great for your health either. So, replace these snacks with nuts and fruits that not only taste better but have healthier effects.

Beautiful stationery.

Finally, our last home office essential. Much like the art and storage systems, these are strictly essential but can be important. It can encourage you to be neater and more thoughtful when working. This can be considered a productivity tool and help keep you motivated in the long run.

Let us know what your favourite home office essentials are!


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