Mums at Work

Join the Mums at Work Club for only £49.99 per year or £4.20 per month



Join our Mums at Work Club to if any of these options look good to you:

Connect with Like Minded Ladies who want to help each other

Increase your profit Margins

Increase your visibility online

Learn new skills from other people

Be recommended and referred by each other

Support each other and give and receive advice

Meet up online or in person to eliminate the loneliness of self employment

I asked the first members who joined the CLUB membership back in June if being a Mums at Work Member had increased their turnover and the average increase per person from referrals as part of Mums at Work was £5135 in this 6 month period (June 2018 – December 2018)

Don’t just believe me – join and ask the others! 

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