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Our next event 300 Seconds 💥 Practise your pitch on us for 5 mins 💥 Professional photo of you as a guest speaker for your social media or website Come and network with others in the group

Mums at Work

Mums at Work is a growing and powerful group of business women, whose goal is to build friendships and build their businesses. We focus on supporting one another personally and professionally.

As a working mum of 7 Children who owns her own business, I realised that I worked in complete isolation. I did the morning rush around getting kids out to school, went to work, did my best, and then rushed back to collect kids from schoool, sort homework and make dinners. This was followed by a bedtime routine for kids and time to put the feet up? No certainly not, this was time to answer emails, do orders and generally try to get ahead… And the life of self employment is not easy!
One day I read a blog by a working mum who provided tips on how to get organised for the morning craziness.. a simple tip of keeping school bags, coats, shoes and lunchboxes by the back door so there was no searching for them in the morning was a new revelation to me! Something so simple that took away so much stress. And sure enough, it works.
I began to wonder what other tips could be picked up to make other things a lot easier. I realised that while I knew a lot of “Mums in Business” in different fields, I rarely had a chance to have a decent chat with them – which was simply ridiculous as some of them were wiz kids in marketing, PR, advertising, selling, consultancy, finance, accounting and so on… All the things I needed some tips on!


I came up with the brainwave that if I could get us all together for a night out, we could all learn from each other without paying a fortune… And we could have a bite to eat together and a couple of glasses of prosecco / orange juice (without the kids) and share ideas and advice..
Our first event was held in the Toomebridge on 28th January 2018 and 33 local like minded ladies got together and we had a ball. Some knew each other before they came but many made new business mum friends.. The group has grown to over 1600 members and we have monthly events featuring fantastic guest speakers.

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If you are interested in either speaking or exhibiting at one of our networking events, please just send me your details below:




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The more people we can get together, the more we can share and learn!

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